Amish Built Custom Detached Garages in Lancaster PA, Chester PA

6garage1  Harvest Structures manufactures Amish Built Garages in Lancaster PA and Chester PA.  We specialize in detached garages, and attached if you prefer, and offer our Amish Custom Garages in a variety of styles and colors to match your existing home.  Contact us at 717-768-7922.


Custom Built, Amish Garages in Lancaster PA

2garage2  Amish custom garages, built in Lancaster PA, are built to perfection by our experienced craftsmen, at Harvest Structures.  These custom built garages will meet all of your needs; a workshop, extra storage space, etc.  We offer a wide variety of Amish built garages or create a custom garage, specifically to suit your needs.  Call us at 717-768-7922.  View our videos on YouTube